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Dominican Republic Mamajuana

It seems that anywhere you travel in the world; each country has its own native drink. The native drink of the Dominican Republic is known as mamajuana and amongst Dominicans; this tasty drink has gained somewhat of a mythical status. Legend has it that mamajuana…


How to make better tasting Alcohol, Dominican style

For the most part, we know anything ending in “juana” has to be good for you. The Dominican Republic is famous for their Mamajuana – a combination of barks and herbs that are used with rum, red wine and honey. This recipe, adds a whole new world to your alcohol collection; rum and wine have never tasted as potent and addictive after you’ve tried it.


Mamajuana is seen and advertised as an aphrodisiac, or as many put it a “liquid Viagra”. Women have claimed that it enhances sexual desire. The drink was originally regarded as a cure-all that was an effective treatment for many ailments from a common cold, or influenza, right through to far more serious conditions. This reputation may have derived from traditional remedies handed down through the ages from as far back as the times when the ancient tribes inhabited the island.


Below are the first few steps in making your Mamajuana drink using a cheap Merlot Red Wine. This is for tasters that don’t want to drink with rum and prefer bitterness to their wine.


The first step in the process is eliminating the bitterness of the ingredients; this process is referred to as “curing” and consists in soaking the ingredients in red wine for about a week. After that the wine is thrown away. Then the rum and honey are added.

Many people include additional ingredients such as cinnamon cloves, vanilla, star anise or ginger. After a few days the mixture acquires the Mamajuana taste and is ready to be consumed. This process can be repeated several times until the ingredients loose their flavor.

 It’s hard to find Dominican in Toronto, generally you’ll have to know a Dominican or visit the Dominican yourself.

What You’ll Need

  •  1 cup of Raisins
  •  Mamajuana Bark (your choice of measurements, the more the stronger)
  •   750ml Bottle of Cheap Red Wine
  •   Honey (optional)


Step 1.Pour cheap wine into a pot or container

Step 2.Add Raisins

Step 3.Add Mamajuana

Step 4.leave for 7 days

Step 5. Drink responsibly


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Kim’s breast sat up nicely the other night 😍👏


Kim’s breast sat up nicely the other night 😍👏

(Source: linxspiration)

(Source: linxspiration)